Quarterly Goals! Winter 2017

Welcome 2017 with open arms! Your dreams are about to become reality!

It’s time for us to get on the good foot. It’s the year 2017 and it’s time for us to not sit around and dream, but make goals to make our dreams come true. 2016 was poop. I think most of the human race can agree with that, but 2017 comes with a new promise…are you going to grab it? Or let it fall by the wayside?

It’s time for quarterly goals. The winter quarter goes from January until March. I watch Jenna Moreci on YouTube and she does goals every quarter. Normally, she makes between 10 and 20 goals I believe and her goal for success is to complete at least half over the quarter. So far I’ve only created 7 but I think I will create some more goals and if so, i’ll update this blog post. Here are the goals I have created for the first quarter of 2017:

  1. Outline the second novel in the Seedlings Trilogy; Seed Among the Rocks
  2. Film at least 2 videos for The Snanny Show (The Snanny Show is the creative brain child of my friend Shannon. It’s a weekly (?) show on YouTube that is going to be hilariously funny and glorify God all at the same time and I am her helpful side kick)
  3. Type my sister’s friends story
  4. Save 600 dollars; 200/month
  5. Read three books
  6. Blog and Vlog weekly starting January 19th
  7. Take a Solo Mio day once per month (Meaning a day that is just for me. I don’t answer calls, no social media, no friends, no family, just me and maybe my bunnies)

And that’s it! I’m sure I’ll think of more that I’ll need to accomplish this quarter, but for now that’s it. Stay tuned for an update!

For now, this is Morgan Lee. Signing off!

Random Old Blog: June 2015

No false promises this time.

It’s Sunday June 7th 2015 and here I am yet again beginning another attempt at blogging and writing and publishing and doing all that I love but have failed to have the discipline to do. At my church we just got finished talking about the D word. And if you don’t know what the D word is, it’s discipleship. If you don’t know what discipleship is, we’ll just have to talk about that later. Anyway, the root word that I hear when I hear discipleship is DISCIPLINE. Which is key in a good disciple.

We can’t get through much in this life without having to be disciplined in something. If you haven’t disciplined yourself enough to wake up on time for work, you’ll get fired. If you don’t discipline yourself enough to finish your homework, most likely you’ll fail. It’s almost impossible to do anything worthwhile without the discipline to not give up without finishing.

So this is me, refusing to give up. I want my words to be my ministry. I want to be published. And not only published but successful and I don’t want to quit ever ever again.

My inspiration? Actually it was my bible study leader who told me something so simple and something that I truly knew all along…”you should write a planner” ……

So simple and something I knew but sort of just refused to do. So, here goes. I’m not going to tell my plan because I don’t want to get my own hopes up.

Much love,

Morgan Lee