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A small publishing company with heavenly aspirations.





Open for submissions starting 10/1/2017. We accept young adult, new adult, and poetry. All genres are welcome. Please send all query letters to the following email address. Prompt response within 1 week. = redeemersink at gmail dot com

Redeemer’s Ink Publishing is a small print publishing company founded by me, Morgan Lee in 2016. Our goal here at Redeemer’s Ink is to not only publish the books written by myself, but any and all authors who want the experience of both a traditional and self published experience. Like a traditional publishing company, queries are accepted (we also accept unsolicited queries). If your book meets our standards and expectations, we will take care of the rest! *For complete information please visit







If you are not interested in publishing with us, (though I don’t understand why you wouldn’t want to) we do offer a variety of services to get your manuscript/book baby, polished and ready for the eyes of readers, editors, and publishers alike!

Why hire me as your editor?

I (Morgan Lee) hold a bachelor of arts degree in English from Kansas State University. Using the knowledge I’ve gained from University and from editing and publishing my own fiction, I, along with my secondary editing team, will get your manuscript polished and ready for the light of day! *Another bonus! As we are a fairly new company, just starting out, our prices are very affordable comparable to other editors.

Why hire us as your book cover design team?

Proficient in Microsoft office and Adobe Photoshop, I will use the synopsis of your story and your own suggestions to create a book cover design that will suit your book and be print ready. Below are some images of book covers I have designed on my own work and “imaginary” works of fiction and non-fiction.

Why choose me as your Beta Reader?

I love reading and I love giving new writers advice on how to break free and discover their passion. Beta reading is a service that is completely free, as it should be. I prefer to read young adult and new adult fiction. As far as genre goes, my favorites include fantasy, science fiction, romance (on occasion), and mystery, but I will pretty much read anything as long as it has a good story. If you are a writer who likes demographic information on your betas, I’m 26 years old, African-American, female, born and bred in Kansas City, Kansas/Missouri.

*NOTE* This is a Christian based company, and I am a follower of God, so I do NOT read anything that is raunchy or vulgar just for the sake of being raunchy and vulgar. I like novels that have a message of some sort that I can take away from it, be it Christian or not.

*ALSO NOTE* We don’t have to necessarily agree to work together, BUT my company reserves the right to refuse any manuscript we feel compromises our belief system.



SERVICES OFFERED: Email for pricing inquiries unless otherwise noted. (

Content Editing: 

Detailed feedback on plot, character, pacing, and the writing overall in an editorial letter, PLUS detailed in-line edits and comments throughout the entirety of the manuscript, PLUS a detailed critique of your synopsis, AND a “mock” cover design.

Less than 60,000: $150

60,001-80,000: $250

80,001-100,000: $350

over 100,000: $450


Detailed feedback on a full manuscript’s (prices vary by word count) plot, character, pacing, and the writing overall in an editorial letter in addition to detailed in-line edits and comments throughout.

Less than 60,000: $75

60,001-80,000: $100

80,001-100,000: $125

over 100,000: $150

**If you maybe don’t have enough funds for the types of editing listed above but would still like some type of feedback, there are other options!

1st 5 page critique: $15

1st chapter critique: $30

Critique of first 3 chapters: $50



Book cover design:

Using a synopsis and your own input, I will create a front, back, and spine view cover for your manuscript that is print ready! A great choice for anyone who is deciding to self-publish through Createspace or any other publishing platforms.

Flat rate: $100





All services under $100 must be paid in full up front in order to secure booking. A 50% deposit may be used as a downpayment to secure booking for all services $100 or over. The final 50% must be paid upon completion of the service in order to receive the final product. 

If service has already been completed upon cancellation, the deposit is non-refundable.

All payments are only accepted through PayPal. An invoice will be sent with each booked service.