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I’m glad you stopped by! GREAT LINKS BELOW SO KEEP SCROLLING!! This area is for writers and will change periodically to suit my new forms of aid for writers. My name is Morgan Lee and I am a self-published author and new publisher(Redeemer’s Ink Publishing). My main focus is to write whatever is going to speak to my audience. I whole-heartedly believe in the effect that words have on people and my ultimate goal with my craft is to cause people to think. My goal is not simply to entertain, but to educate and shine a light in the dark places. Here is a list of what I write:

Young Adult Fiction

New Adult Fiction






I routinely participate in Nanowrimo and Camp Nanowrimo! I just finished and completed my FIRST successful Camp Nanowrimo and Nanowrimo in general! I completed the month of April with 100,000 words of my newest science fiction novel, The Naked Tree.

If you do not know what Nanowrimo is, check out their site and check my youtube channel and blog for updates this July and November 2016. 



WRITING ADVICE AND TIPS: If you are in need of great writing advice be sure to check out Jenna Moreci and Kim Chance! They offer amazing tips on writing.