Works in progress


Seed Among the Thorns the first book in a fantasy trilogy titled The Seedlings Trilogy. CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE. Scheduled for re-release in 2018/2019

Book 2: Seed Among the Rocks

Book 3: Seed Among Good Ground (or Seed Among Good Soil)

She fought for herself when no one else would… He fought for family…he fought for her. Their destinies became intertwined over 100 years ago. A love spell turned curse. Thirteen-year-old Ember Pearson has been waiting eight years for her father Cornelius to return and rescue her, only now, she couldn’t wait anymore. Tonight is the night of the Ceremony when her freedom will be lost forever and she will be bound to be a Protector of sixteen-year-old Damien Copeland, but Ember will stop at nothing to regain her freedom. Damien, sent away by his father has begun having nightmares, blacking out for days at a time. Now it is time for him to return home and be bound to the witch Ember, for reasons even he doesn’t understand. A demon is resting at the base of his soul, slowly eating away at it…and it is time for him to awaken. Years of lies and secrets separate Ember and Damien from the truth about their bond and the history of the Copeland-Pearson curse. Can the two find a way to stop their families and regain their souls, or will Ember’s thirst for freedom prove to be the death of them all?



The Naked Tree is a standalone, Science fiction young adult novel. CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE. Scheduled for rerelease 2018/2019

Genre: Young Adult Fantasy

It was one small taste that transformed the entire history of our world. Colette is Vaporless, an Outlander. No worth. No value. All because she lacked the sweet nectar of The Tree, and her heart had an extra piece. The land of Alvon is suspended high above the Earth, a judgment placed on it by God Himself nearly two ages ago. The story all began with the creation of the couple Adamek and Eviya and a lie spun by a serpent, named Levi. After creating Alvon in their own image, a world deeply rooted in technology and pleasure. Their very lives depend on the fruit and energy given to them by the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, but suddenly the tree begins to reject them. Slowly, the Tree starts to deteriorate causing all the humans to deteriorate as well. Eviya pinpoints the cause of the decay of The Tree and points the finger at Colette. On her journey to self discovery, Colette meets Rowan, the leader of R.I.S.K. The two band together, emotional feelings ensue. With the entire land of Alvon against them, R.I.S.K. sets off toward Ilan to search for an answer. Will Colette survive?



And Then

And Then He Said I Love You

Genre: Christian Non-fiction

One Sentence Summary: Morgan Lee Johnson recounts her personal journey with discovering herself, what love is and what it isn’t, as she goes from a meaningless life to one full of the majesty and the love of the Lord Jesus Christ.


Her Name Was Blood

Genre: Historical Fiction

One Sentence Summary: A retelling of the horrific tragedies of The Rape of Nanjing. A deadly massacre at the beginning of World War Two that often goes overlooked in history books.




The Skeleton in my Bathroom

Genre: Contemporary young adult fiction

One Sentence Summary: Cree has a “Perfect” life until she was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease at 20 and her entire world is shaken.



Genre: Christian Non-Fiction

One Sentence Summary: Overcoming depression, betrayal, anxiety, and insecurity with the holy spirit an the power of God.