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Book 1: Seed Among the Thorns

They were born to bridge the gap between two worlds.


Emerton Pearson and Shaw Lauremont do not have a choice in what their lives will be. There is an order and no one deviates from that order. Pearsons protect the Gateway and keep the Earth safe from the prison world, Regnum. Lauremonts sacrifice their mortal souls for the sake of restoring balance and leading Regnum’s warfare against the Earth. The obstacle—  Emerton, like all Pearsons, is cursed to serve and obey the Lauremonts, Shaw in particular.


However, when Emerton receives the essence of an extremely powerful ancestor and Shaw witnesses the harsh realities of commanding an army, duty becomes too much to bear, and all they want is the freedom to choose. Shaw’s soul continues to weaken and Emerton must forgo her own desires and learn to trust the very person who holds her life in his hands.


In desperation, Emerton makes a reckless decision that drastically impacts not only her budding relationship with Shaw, but the stability of the two worlds. They both must choose: family and revenge, or freedom and truth?

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The Seedlings Trilogy

The land of Luxia was created over 1000 years ago by three Divine Brothers: Cornelius, Demetrius and Elias. It was meant to be a world of beauty and harmony until brother turned against brother and the entire fabric of the world shifted. Young Emerton and Shaw were born into the center an epic battle, will family or freedom triumph?
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Book 2: Seed Among the Rocks

Not even the immortal survive...

With the Gateway between worlds destroyed famine, bloodshed, and magical instability plagues Regnum and Earth as they await destruction or salvation at the hands of brothers of the godhead. Calloused by betrayal, Shaw Lauremont is ready to give up the claim to his soul; while Emerton Pearson searches for a way to ensure she is never ruled over again.


The secret of the godhead is uncovered. Three ancient relics possess the power to destroy the godhead or create a god.  Unable to ignore his responsibilities, Shaw and his team set out to find the three relics, destroy the godhead, and restore balance. Inversely, Emerton desires the power to turn herself into a god.


When one of the relics falls into the wrong hands, an all-out war is on the horizon, pitting Shaw against Emerton. Can Shaw put aside his resentment toward Emerton and bring balance back to the world, or will the pull towards immortality and revenge be too strong to ignore?


Book 3: Seed Among Good Ground

Death is only the beginning...

The battle to rule the universe is still underway. With Shaw presumably dead and the world in their control, the Godhead makes moves to clench their authority. Their only obstacle is getting Cornelius out of the way—permanently.


Emerton is dead set on revenge after being released from Elias’s control—even if that means she goes down with them. She orchestrates a plan—a deadly competition with immortality as the prize—to upend the Godhead from the inside. However, she wasn’t counting on needing Shaw’s assistance.


Desperate to keep his family safe, Shaw reluctantly allies with Emerton as the competition commences. His miraculous return to life may have had more to do with the safety of their world than either of them had thought. If anyone is going to survive, enemies must become friends before the entire universe ceases to exist.

Seed Among Good Ground
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