Welcome to Luxia 

Seed Among the Rocks

Seed Among Good Ground

Book 1: Seed Among the Thorns

Their destinies became intertwined over on hundred years ago with a love spell turned curse. Thirteen-year-old Emerton Pearson has been waiting eight years for her father, Cornelius, to return and rescue her. Only now, can’t wait anymore.


Tonight, is the night of the Ceremony when her freedom will be lost forever and she will be bound to be a Protector of sixteen-year-old Shaw Lauremont. Regardless of her familial duties, Emerton will stop at nothing to regain her freedom. 

Shaw, sent away by his father to a magical school of inclusion and revolution, is out of time as well. It is his final year at the Academy and he has yet to unlock his Shifter magic and gain his mark. In an unexpected turn of events, Shaw achieves his ultimate goal, but it is nothing like he expected. He must now prepare for a different journey, joining in the family mission and being bound to Emerton.  


Years of lies and secrets separate Emerton and Shaw from the truth about their bond and the Pearson-Lauremont curse. Can the two find a way to stop their family’s evil plans or will Emerton’s thirst for freedom be the death of them all? 


The Seedlings Trilogy

The land of Luxia was created over 1000 years ago by three Divine Brothers; Cornelius, Demetrius and Elias. It was meant to be a world of beauty and harmony until brother turned against brother and the entire fabric of the world shifted. Young Emerton and Shaw were born into the center an epic  battle, will family or freedom triumph?

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