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Note: Works under 30,000 words are subject to special pricing on a case-by-case basis for line/developmental editing.

NEW: I am also accepting PAY WHAT YOU CAN payments! I am a beginner editor and I'm still honing my craft. I want to be an affordable resource for indie authors.

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Reader Reaction Report

3 Clients per Month

3/3 open spots for September

We all know beta readers are valuable, however there are times that some beta readers fall through on their job. That is where I come in. I will make sure your book is enjoyable for the reader!

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Open Textbook in Library

Format & Layout

5 Clients Per Month

4/5 spots open for September

If you're like me, you want to focus on writing your book, not messing with margins for publishing. I have figured out all the hard work for you. I'll handle all of the margins and spacing! Let me work on the layout and formatting of your manuscript to get it ready for publishing on any platform!

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Cute Notebooks

Line Editing

3 Clients per Month

2/3 open spots for September

With line editing, I edit line by line, looking for things like sentence structure, prose, narrative, style, etc. Line editing is more specific than developmental edits. 30,000 word minimum.



Children's Storybook

Cover Design

5 Clients Per Month

5/5 spots open for September

On my homepage, there are three designs that I created. One design I created for myself and two for editing clients. As I am learning more about graphic design, I am offering FREE cover design. You may use the cover as a placeholder while your real cover is designed or as your ACTUAL cover!

Limited Time Offer!


Checking Text on a Document

Developmental Editing

3 Clients Per Month

3/3 open spots for September

All of us need another pair of eyes on our creative works. You need someone else to point out the parts that are missing, what doesn't make sense, plot holes, lackluster characters etc. 30,000 word minimum.



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Booking Deposit

50% for items more than 100 dollars

In order to book your spot, select the service and click the book now button. Once there, choose the date you would like your work returned. A deposit is required for items over 100 dollars of 50% of the total quoted price. Services under 100 dollars are required to be paid in full at time of booking.

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Morgan Lee's Credentials

Morgan Lee has a bachelors degree in English with an emphasis in creative writing. She has been writing stories since she was six years old. Morgan has two years of freelance editing experience and is in the process of building her portfolio. She is actively taking courses to better hone her craft.