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Through the Eyes of You

Twenty-one year old Cree had everything together...until life unraveled and spiraled out of her control.

Cree had always been beautiful, but now, no one wanted to see it. They were all too ready to watch her die. All except Gabriel. He saw her and he loved everything that he saw.​ When Cree is diagnosed with Crohn’s disease her life takes a turn for the worse. Her fiancé, Anthony, begins to abuse her and she loses her friends. Cree’s grades in college suffer when she has to spend so much time in hospitals trying to find out what is wrong with her. When Anthony begins abusing her and her disease disfigures Cree mentally, spiritually, and emotionally, she decides to take a stand.​However, invisible diseases don’t just go away. Can Cree find herself again? Can she trust Gabriel and let him love her? A contemporary romance about the real-life struggles of the daily battle with chronic illness.

Genre: New Adult Contemporary Romance

Status: Drafting

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