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Kendra Hamlin

I had the pleasure of working with Morgan on a book that I authored. Morgan was very prompt, professional, and personable. She completed all edits in a timely manner, provided excellent feedback, and even made me aware of things that were missing (but would be needed) from my writing. Morgan not only made corrections and edits, she provided good feedback regarding structure, content, and format. I wouldn't hesitate to contract with Morgan again in the future and I highly recommend her services for anyone needing reviews and/or edits completed on their writing.


E.L. Summers

"It was an honor working with Morgan. She was fair and courteous. She managed everything very professionally. She made me feel more confident about my writing by only pointing out things that would make it better. I am happy with the finished product, making me eager to finish my next project. I know it will be safe in her capable hands."

Multi-Storey Library

Ben Pick

Author of the Into the Void Series

Simply put, Morgan improved my novels. Morgan has performed line editing on the first three novels in my series, including my debut novel, and I hope she will continue with all the books I write.

She provided explicit suggestions in changing dialogue to flow more naturally and helped me smooth out the rougher edges of my characters. She pointed out when scenes needed to be described better or when I was carrying on too long. Her feedback included suggestions to both shorten overly lengthy phrases and sentences and expand upon descriptions that needed it. Her editing services are outstanding and I can't wait to work with her on future writing projects.


Tony Joiner

Author of Raising Mom

When I began my search for a book editor, I was not just looking for an editor, but someone who could see my vision, someone who would understand the style and genre that I was portraying. After an extensive search online, I remembered my account. This led me to the editor I was looking for, Morgan Lee. She has been the perfect editor for my first self-publish book. Her attention to detail is truly remarkable. Whatsoever I have asked her to do, she always responded, in a timely manner. There were no extended delays in responding to any question that I may have had. There was never a time that I felt like a client, but a valued individual. I would recommend her to anyone looking for an editor. In my opinion, anyone would love to have her on their team.


John Jeng

Author of Snow Black

No longer in print

After cutting down my novel to 555 pages, I needed help from a professional beta reader to help me analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the manuscript. Morgan [Lee] accomplished this very time-consuming task in two weeks, at the end of which, I was pleased to get a detailed 20-page beta report. Morgan also gave me valuable input on my novel's blurb and cover art. Morgan is a trustworthy and timely beta reader and editor. I would gladly ask for Morgan's help again when I finish my novel's sequel.

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