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AuthorMorgan Lee

Shedding LIGHT on the DARK places of story at a time.

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The Seedlings Trilogy

An ancient family curse has bound Shaw Lauremont and Emerton Pearson together, but all they want is freedom. One selfish choice leads to drastic consequences that might shatter them and the entire universe. A fight for freedom turns into a fight against the very gods of their world.


Join Shaw and Emerton in their journey in this debut young adult dark fantasy trilogy.

The price of freedom is blood...

Book One

Not even the immortal survive...

Book Two

Death is only the beginning...

Book Three

Current Release


I will read your book as a reader and give my honest reaction and feedback.

Developmental Editing

Consists of notes on big picture story elements, restructuring narrative, character assessment, and much more.

Line Editing

Line by line editing, improving sentence structure, narrative, descriptions, and light grammar and proofreading.

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