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AuthorMorgan Lee


Now Available on Paperback and eBook!

Seed Among the Rocks is the second installment in the dark fantasy trilogy, The Seedlings Trilogy.


Not even the immortal survives...


The Gateway between worlds lies in ruin. Famine, bloodshed, and magical instability plague Earth and Regnum as the planets await their fate at the hands of the brothers of the Godhead.


With so many lives at stake, Shaw Lauremont cannot ignore his responsibilities, and he and his family set out in search of three powerful relics that could mean salvation. With them, the Godhead can be destroyed or a new god created, ultimately setting the world to rights. But when one relic falls into the wrong hands, an all-out war threatens to ignite, pitting Shaw against the last person he wants to see. Emerton Pearson is also after the relics; only her motives are much more personal.


The universe's energies hang unbalanced since Emerton's hasty choice to destroy the Gateway and overtake the Guardian of Fire. With ancient relics in her possession, Emerton can become all-powerful, the third God of the Godhead, and use Regnum to wipe the Earth clean of their opposition, ensuring no one will rule over her again. Only Shaw and his morals stand in her way...

Current Release

Reader Reaction Report

Beta Reading on steroids. I will give you my full honest reaction with a 30+ page editorial letter.

Developmental Editing

Big picture story elements. Restructuring narrative. Character development assessment, and much more.

Line Editing

Line by line editing, improving sentence structure, narrative, descriptions, and light grammar and proofreading.

Formatting & Layout Design

Getting your manuscript file ready for uploading onto the publishing platform of your choice.


Complimentary Mock Cover Design w/ Editing Services


NOTE: *These covers are not official covers. These covers are simply a fun design I created for editing clients!*

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